Chef-centric Kitchen Ops mgmt at its finest. addresses the prevalent missing ingredients in many Independent Restaurant’s kitchen operations. With our comprehensive recipe management environ, dish-level costing/analytics engine & a cloud-based ingredient sourcing marketplace, your kitchen leadership team’s perspective just got a whole lot clearer. holds the recipe for plating up profits and projections.

By assigning base costs to ingredients, your unique recipes and entire menus are translated into analytics that help define how your restaurant’s business is measuring up. For efficiencies in restaurant ingredient cost savings and projecting seasonal fare, is what’s on the menu.

Consistent kitchen and business execution. supports cataloging recipes, capturing chef-specific intellectual property and illustrating properly plated dishes, to improve consistency, in and out of the kitchen.

Real-time updates to keep the business cooking!’s web-based platform and online database allow real-time updates to be made in a fast, simple and secure environment. Through a desktop, tablet or mobile interface, the owner can make modifications to the menu and be off-site while simultaneously alerting staff of any changes in real-time.

Crafted with the employee in mind.

While chef-owners reap the benefit of’s detailed database, staff benefit from’s support of efficient and quality training. The web-based platform creates a consistent reference point for all cooks in the kitchen and minimizes the risks associated with staff turnover.

A better way to manage your restaurant.

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